Where To, My Love?
Where To, My Love?
Lost At Will

Hi, I’m Jayme!

Hi! I’m Jayme Tan, and I am the other half of our “two that it takes” I’d say ;) When my eyes were opened to the world of traveling, I was addicted. Addicted to immersing myself in a whole new world of culture, foods, traditions, and sights. Addicted to magical moments. I am always amazed with the people I meet, locals and travelers, and adore the simplicity of sharing love for the same things. On my adventures, I am most drawn to turquoise blue waters, adrenaline pumping adventures, and old Spanish architecture (or any old century buildings for that matter) by the sea. Besides traveling, a few other favorites of mine are spending time with my family, stuffing my face with sushi, and petting all the pups that come my way.

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Hi, I’m Ryan!

I got the travel bug from my Mom when I was very young, from small local trips to the cross country adventures. It's only made me want to travel farther and find the weirder. I find incredible joy in diving into different cultures, getting lost (often against my will) in unknown lands, and discovering all this beautifully strange world has to offer. I typically learn every travel lesson the hard way, so I will be a remarkable resource on all the things not to do while traveling. Can't get stressed when traveling with me, for it will not be easy. But my oh my, it's a hell of a lot of fun

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Ryan says: Being around Jayme is like walking into a playroom filled with laughing gas and where all the furniture is made of sweet treats. She is the joy of my life and by far and away the best travel partner anyone could wish for. No matter the roadblock or commonly self inflicted headache, Jayme will be smiling and whistling along as though we didn't just drive an hour in the wrong direction. She is the epitome of love and adventure and she compliments every part of every trip we take. We will adventure the world together. With her has my compass, deckhand, mast, wind.... captain.... well I'll just be the in the crows nest laughing into the wind while she steers us true north. Away we go, my Dear.

Jayme says: Ryan gets me out of the comfort zone I already thought was enough to be out of! He pushes me to new lengths and makes me giggle when I want to die after miles of trekking. Our two adventurous souls together make everyday in itself an adventure, so sharing & seeing the world with him....?!?? Yeah, right. Ryan makes my adventures better, crazier, and to say the least, a surprise every time. I have the best adventure partner and I get to kiss him too. Win freakin win.